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Welcome to the opportunity of a lifetime

We have created an Associate Marketing Program which is a unique opportunity for you to earn money by referring others to sign up for our accounting services.


Anyone can be an associate - it doesn’t matter what background you are from.


All you need to do to boost your current income, is recommend our services to your colleagues that you know who are in business.


We provide you with the Social Media links to informative Web pages for you to share.


You don’t need to know anything about accountancy. 

There is a cost to become an Associate, which is just £175, but you can recover this fast by meeting achievable and realistic goals.

How the Money Works

First Year Incentives:

Incentives can be chained, so 3 new members in 60 days, plus another 3 in the next 30 days means you get £250.00. (i.e. £100 for 3 new members in 60 days plus £150 for 6 new members in 90 days.

  • Sign up 8 new members in your first 90 days and we’ll reimburse your £175 joining fee.

  • Sign up 3 new members in any 60 consecutive day period and get a £100 bonus.

  • Sign up 6 new members in any 90 consecutive day period and get a £150 bonus.

  • Sign up 20 new members in any 180 consecutive day period and get a £250 bonus.

  • Sign up 50 new members during the year and get a £500 bonus.


These are in addition to the normal bonuses described below.

Introducing New Members:

Introducing new clients is rewarded in two ways;

  • Member Gathering Bonus - A one off payment equivalent to the new members monthly payment. This is paid to you when we receive their second installment.

  • Member Gathering Royalty - An on-going monthly payment equivalent to 5% of the member's monthly bill. This is paid to you on a monthly basis for as long as the member stays with us.


Build a Team:

You can also build your own team of associates and we will reward you in a similar way to adding new Members;

  • Team Building Bonus - a one off payment of £20 for each new Team mate that you recruit.


  • Team Leading Royalty - an on-going monthly payment of 2% of the monthly payments generated by your Team Mates.


  • If your Team Mates then choose to recruit their own Team, then you’ll receive the Team Building bonus on their business as well, down to three generations.

Interested? If so register using the form below.

OK, if you would like to discuss the opportunity further, simply fill in the form below and you will be contacted by one of our representatives, who will take your details and ensure that both parties understand what is expected of each other.

Things like our terms and conditions, how and when you will be paid, how to introduce a Team Mate etc.

If you decide to go ahead then you will receive a copy of the our Terms and Conditions etc., and we will send out your Welcome Pack.

If you have any queries, then please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email, or by completing the form below.​

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