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8 Free Online Tools to Create Stunning Social Media

Social Media is pretty much used by everybody, everyday, and is therefore the ideal place generate traffic to your website, as well as announce special sales and events. Imagery plays a large part in this, as people engage quicker with images than they do with text. Therefore, promoting your business using fantastic imagery will give far better results.

But where do you get images from in the first place? Well, there are numerous online apps and tools, that are completely free to help you to create various types of graphics for your business needs, whether it’s for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Take a look at these FREE (or REALLY cheap) tools.


01. Giphy

GIFs are a fun feature of social media, that can convey so much with so little. These repeating video snippets are a proven way to enhance engagement with followers, plus they are very contagious.

Visit Giphy and either browse for clips that are available for use immediately or even create your very own unique fun GIF’s.

02. Gravit

Gravit Klex allows you to design virtually anything, from Facebook cover photos, Posters, Cards, Flyers or even professional presentations, so it's fantastic for anyone wanting to create amazing graphics.

03. Canva

Canva has similar functionality to Gravit, so it's just down to which one you feel is easier for you to use. Canva also contains a Social Media Graphics tool and Meme Generator, and is available via desktops, laptops, and there’s also an App for your iPad or iPhone that allows you to design on the go!

An InfoGraphic!

04. Befunky

If you need to share knowledge, then Befunky will be your best friend. Create your own Infographics from a variety of templates, with customisation options, pop art effects, stock images and much much more, all free.

05. Pexels, Biteable.

Professional photoshoots and video productions are out of the price range of most small businesses, and the usual free stock images and videos online often look unreal or unrelatable. Have a look at Pexels, who offer a wide ranging collection of amazing free images, or visit Biteable if it's video clips you need.

06. Vigo Video (formerly Flipagram)

If you fancy yourself as a video producer, check out Vigo Video which is a photo and video app that you download to your phone, to then brings together your photos and videos, combining them into a wonderful slideshow, telling your story the way you imagined it would look. You can also add music from a huge audio gallery or even upload your own sounds.

07. Draw. io

If you need to draw diagrams, flow charts, or other technical plans, will help you to create eye catching graphs, process, and network diagrams. It has an automatic layout function and shape library with hundreds of visual elements.

08. Lumen5

The recommended length of a video that will get your point across, be remembered and hopefully clicked, is 3 minutes. Videos must also be extremely engaging. You can now do this yourself, even with no experience. Lumen5 will scan and convert your text into stunning marketing videos. Just tell it the URL of your page, blog post, or online article and Lumen5 will do the rest.

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